Comic for 28 January 2024

31 December 2023:

To start the new year we’ve launched a new website to act as a hub for our various creative projects, past and present: You can click around and find info on our game development, check recent updates on all our stuff and find where to reach us! The layout scales to display width, so if you’re on mobile you can rotate to landscape and check out the desktop layout and read our big paragraph project writeups on the front page. Click around, learn about our gamedev work, keep tabs on all our stuff in one convenient place. Tell your friends!

Happy New Year! Thanks for sticking with us this far.

31 August 2023:

Okay so! It’s been a minute since I’ve had new merch for the comic, and the truth of that is I never really know what people like or what would be cool, but I want to try again with something neat. I’m thinking of making enamel pins and I’ve got two designs in mind: on the left is a Dead Winter pin, a logo that isn’t explicitly about stuff from the comic but is still representative of the comic, you know? On the right is our Lucky Raven Games logo, that’s our game studio and sort of the umbrella for our various other projects. I’m thinking about ordering a run of these as soft enamel pins.

If you think this is interesting at all, hit me up anywhere where I am. You can find me on our home discord here: or just linked in the comic’s homepage menu. If the vibe is that people like it I’ll order a run to sell. Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading.

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