Comic for 06 June 2024

28 June 2024:

Hey, I just want to make a real quick update so people don’t think I’ve done the webcomic thing and forgotten about my work: this month (June) I’ve had to devote basically all my time to crunching the last few weeks of development on Kitsune Tails. The comic page I’m working on now won’t be up at the usual time at the end of this month, but it will go up sometime in July or closer to August, when the game ships and that workload is off my plate. I just need time to focus on this other thing because it’s time-sensitive, this page will be up sometime in July. Sorry for the delays, and thanks for your patience!

8 June 2024:

Good news, our game has a release date now! August first! Hit us up on Steam to try the demo now, a month and change ain’t that far off.

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