Comic for 02 May 2024

29 March 2024:

For the past month we at Lucky Raven have been working to build a new thing to read, which is ready to share with you now. –> <– Check out our sci-fi seafarer storytelling project, Titan Garden! It’s not a comic and it’s not really a novel, it’s a new other kind of thing.

The project is a series of short vignettes building a world by filling it with people and stitching them all together with little narrative threads. There’s a linear order you can read the stories in, where they build upon each other, but you can also read entries in any order and it still works.

We built the site to be fun to poke around in, there are a few secrets hidden here or there for someone to find and we put a bunch of little flavor bits to help emphasize the world we built. You can edit the site’s color palette in the Settings menu at the top, and the layout scales to browser width.

Give it a look, pop by our Discord and let us know what you think. Thanks for reading!

13 March 2024:

Happy seventeenth (???!?!?) birthday, Dead Winter. Gee whiz it’s been a while. I didn’t make art this time since I’m cooking 1000 other things, but today’s the day. Seventeen.

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