Comic for 06 January 2017

8 November 2016:

There’s a new comic page for you to read 

Moving towards interior shots, hopefully I can update a bit more frequently.  I recognize I have been updating slower than I used to- the reason is my work cycle is currently one week of comics and one week of gamedev so everything takes twice as long, but everything always keeps moving forward, so if you might be wondering where the next pages are, I’m always still working on them, I’m just juggling things one week at a time.

 Thank you for your patience and your continued support.

2 October 2016:

Exciting news! We’ve been rebuilding our game on the Godot engine and we have our first stable, multi-platform game demo available to Games Patrons! It supports 32- & 64-bit Windows, Mac and Linux machines and has a host of new features, including dash attacks, new higher game speed and difficulty sliders in a fully-functional Options menu! If you’ve been following our game’s development you can give it a try.  Tell your friends!

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