Comic for 08 April 2018

27 June 2017:

I have some fairly big news I’ve been waiting until I had a new update to share. There’s one big thing and one small thing, so I’ll go ahead and do them in order.

First, the big thing: Dead Winter is now ad-free! This was a hard choice to make and it’s a big one, but it’s one I wanted to commit to. When I started a long time ago ads were a standard method of monetizing a free website, but over the years ads have become more intrusive and disruptive, and I realize this. I also realize many people use adblock to make their web browsing safer, so out of respect to my readers and the changing times I removed all the ads on Dead Winter’s site, so it can be a safe and easy place to read the comic. 

Another big part of this decision was Patreon. A number of very kind readers have been supporting my work directly, and I’m extremely grateful to them. reading the comic is now completely ad-free, but if you’d like to support my work you can become a patron too! I post weekly art updates and make detailed writeups about my process, techniques and thought process, so if you don’t like the wait you can get more at If you can’t or don’t wish to, the site is still free to you!  I wanted to make this change for my readers, so feel free to enjoy it as it is!

The second news item is a smaller one. Since I made the change to remove ads I decided to take a week and do some housekeeping on the site, giving it a new coat of paint. I fixed up some longstanding issues and, for the first time in a decade, Dead Winter now has a full and proper Cast Page! You can read it here: For old fans or new readers, you can get to know some details about the characters, or maybe remember some details you forgot about! I did a huge archive dive to try to fill it out as best I could, and I made up last names for everyone who didn’t have one stated in the comic, so give it a look if you’d like!

Anyways, that’s what I wanted to say.  Thank you again to everyone who has enjoyed my work over all these years, you’re what keeps me pushing forward towards the end of this project.

9 May 2017:

Hello!  Just wanted to post in case I didn’t mention it:  I’ll be exhibiting at TCAF 2017 in Toronto, Ontario this weekend!  I’m at the Comics x Games exhibit with my game demo. I was thinking of making prints to sell but instead I made little kits you can assemble a miniature game box art model out of!  Come find me i you’re in town!

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