Comic for 23 November 2015

23 November 2015:

Hi guys I’m back!  There’s a new comic page up to read as well This page took me a lot longer than I anticipated, I’d hoped to follow up the last page with a new one but I ended up spending longer on panel one than I did on the entire rest of the comic. 

I wanted a nice night-to-day establishing shot to move time forward, but the way I had it planned meant I had to render the entire town, which I could have done as a quick silhouette but instead of the smart way I went back through my comic, referenced every single background building and arranged them all in a correct, 100% accurate placement within the town, so every scene occurs in a specific place in town and you can retroactively find those places on this panel.  If you want to see a big zoomed-in version of the town I uploaded one here, in case Tumblr compresses this one too much: I documented my process in painting and building the town on my Patreon, if you’re a subscriber you can check that out too

Anyways, thanks for reading!

11 July 2015:

I took a bit of time and Monday’s sprites for the game are all done! I just need to do a bit of formatting and uploading and they’ll be ready to go into the next version of the game!  This coming week I’m gonna get to work on the next comic page and after that I’ll get Lou’s sprites done, and then everyone will be present and accounted for!  Here’s everyone’s health portraits, by the way.  Every 25% health lost it changes.

Anyways thanks for sticking around!

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