Comic for 30 March 2014

24 March 2014:

Hello again! I set up a Gumroad account and now have DRM-free .pdf ebook versions of both printed volumes of Dead Winter!  They’re $2 each or more if you’d like and they’re basically exactly what’s in the printed versions- art corrections, bonus content and more! The Volume 1 ebook has been updated to reflect the name I am writing under so that is also cool, it’s all correct and it’s all me! If you like ebook collections these contain 300dpi high-resolution versions of the comic page so you can read them about as close as I work on them! Yowza!

Printed Volume 2 preorders have been going out all last week and will continue to go out as quick as I can manage. If you are waiting for one of those I send out emails when the order is ready to go to the post office so you will know when your order is up.

I should have a comic page done this week, to keep to my schedule, and this weekend I am going to work on animation assets for a Patreon video- I’d like to make a Patreon as a weekly art journal where I post content updates and my thoughts and process notes. I’d like to put a lot of my video game development journal content there since I have a -lot- to say.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your support!

17 March 2014:

A snappy attack cycle- it might not be this fast in the actual game since Lizzie has a bursty two-handed weapon; Lou and Monday will attack a bit quicker than average with their akimbo weapons.  Lizzie’s mop is rusty and disgusting and that needs to reflect in the final artwork.  I’ve always been inspired by the way Guilty Gear handles hit arc smears so I drew from that well here but I also added an edge of horrific rust to make it as authentic as possible.

That basic attack cycle is done and now Jason has all the pieces he needs to start building the framework of the game.  Looking back on the three animation cycles I’ve done I can see things I’ll need to fix or adjust for the next iteration but right now all the art is finished and functional so I don’t need to put more time into it until later. We’ve got an idle, walk and attack cycle, a ground shadow, five variant backgrounds and a top-secret temporary enemy sprite assembled, that’s enough to get the game off the ground.

This will be the last game update post I’ll make for a bit.  This is all out of the way so this week I am going to focus 100% on shipping out Book 2 preorders (you can buy one now if you’d like, they’re in stock!), then this weekend I’m gonna convert my book files into ebooks and put those up on Gumroad for digital download, then next week I’m going to make another actual comic strip, then that weekend I’m gonna put together animation assets for a Patreon video and the week after that I’m going to get to work on a Black Monday idle, walk and ranged attack animation set.  That’s my itinerary all the way through to April, I’ll answer any asks I get on Tumblr but for now there’s plenty for me to work on.

Thanks for reading!

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