Comic for 06 December 2021

5 September 2020:

Hello!  I’ve got a quick little announcement to share.

To help me through the covid-19 pandemic I’m opening up special commissions!  For $25 I’m drawing any subject- characters, OCs, real people, furries all welcome- in a 6x6″ portrait done in my house style of monochrome painting with an optional red accessory, as above.  I’ve done a lot of commissions mimicking other artists’ styles but this time I’d like to draw for you in my own style.  It’s a quick and easy process to keep the price low since we’re all feeling the crunch this year.  More details and completed samples are threaded on my art twitter here: and if you’d like to commission something, send me an email at [reiley at deadwinter dot cc] to inquire and sort out details.

Thank you for your time and your kind patronage.  Be well out there.

23 July 2020:

I’ve been mega-busy working on both Dead Winter the comic and the arcade game and some other contract jobs I’ve been plugging away at too (shhh!), so I haven’t had time to just make fun art in a long time. It’s been a hot summer, though, so I thought I’d take a night and just make something fun to help think cool thoughts.  I hope you are doing well, stay safe out there.   I’ll have more news to share soon!

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