Comic for 16 February 2020

16 September 2019:

Hello!  If you’d like to keep track of comic or game updates and know when new pages are posted, Dead Winter has a Discord server now! Join here and you’ll always know when a new page is ready to post.  Come join us, it’s better than RSS! 

2 April 2019:

I’d like to make a quick note and say, I’ve set up a Twitter account separate from my personal one for posting comic and game development updates.  I post a lot of mockups and development animations on Twitter, since it’s quick and easy, so if you’d like to follow the game you can follow @deadwintercomic on Twitter as well!  It’s no-noise and strictly business, but I’ll post a lot of my Dead Winter stuff to that account.  Thanks for your patience with us, it’s a lot of work but we’re getting through it.

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