Comic for 23 May 2017

9 May 2017:

Hello!  Just wanted to post in case I didn’t mention it:  I’ll be exhibiting at TCAF 2017 in Toronto, Ontario this weekend!  I’m at the Comics x Games exhibit with my game demo. I was thinking of making prints to sell but instead I made little kits you can assemble a miniature game box art model out of!  Come find me i you’re in town!

2 February 2017:

Just a quick heads-up: I got a last-minute invite in off the waitlist to come to Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA March 2-5 so I’m going to be there if you want to come see me. This was entirely unexpected so I’m spending February scrambling to get my last bit of game spritework done in time for a milestone build, so the comic might be delayed a bit until I come back from Seattle.  

Thanks for sticking with me.  Come say hi!

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