Comic for 12 September 2015

11 July 2015:

I took a bit of time and Monday’s sprites for the game are all done! I just need to do a bit of formatting and uploading and they’ll be ready to go into the next version of the game!  This coming week I’m gonna get to work on the next comic page and after that I’ll get Lou’s sprites done, and then everyone will be present and accounted for!  Here’s everyone’s health portraits, by the way.  Every 25% health lost it changes.

Anyways thanks for sticking around!

27 March 2015:

I’m at ECCC this weekend, but they put me in a very out-of-the-way room. If you’re coming to see me, I drew directions for how to actually get here, since it’s not really connected to the other con floors. Please come say hi!

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