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    A place to talk about the comic, current events, art or whatever's on your mind with other folk! You're welcome to say hello or leave a comment or two about whatever. It's a forum! It's for, umm.. you!

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    You can ask me anything! Any question in the world. It can be about the comic or about something else, and I'll answer it for you! If you have questions for me, this is the place!

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    Sometimes I find the time to draw things that aren't about the comic, and sometimes I draw stuff that is about the comic but isn't a page. Whatever I'm drawing, I tend to stick it here.

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    This is Twitter. This is where I post bad puns and other horrible thought fragments. I also announce news stuff and new comic posts here as soon as they go up but most of the day it's just incomprehensible. Please don't click this one, Mom.