Elizabeth Rose Cooper: poet, overworked waitress, pacifist, and wife-to-be. Lizzie cares deeply about the environment- and has done her part to help save it in a retrospectively odd manner, she enjoys midnight showers, and she wuvs her Mr. Cuddles! She's also got a case of bad luck, which persists relentlessly, until it comes to a head in the form of a near-fatal traffic accident. She came away from this collision in the care of strangers; with cuts, bruises, and a cracked rib; in addition to three days time unaccounted for. Lizzie is currently hopped up on codeine.

Birthplace: London, England. Blood Type: AB



















Little is known about the man called Black Monday Blues. What few things are certain can be counted on one hand: He's not a very well-liked man, he smokes too much, and he can't go ten words without swearing. Monday is also a fan of fancy sunglasses and Rudy Ray Moore films. Monday has a knack for improvisation, and despite his itchy trigger fingers and cold disposition, the plight of a helpless young girl has shown him to have some moral code directing his hands.

Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Blood Type: O

Frank owns a diner, and by extension owns Lizzie. Or at least he used to, until he pushed his one reliable employee too far. He's a prick. He's also got a deep phobia of germs. After being left to the rotting jackals, he vowed to hunt his wayward employee down and take from her her life. This is probably just emotionally-driven hyperbole..

Birthplace: Bedford, Pennsylvania. Blood Type: A


Jack "Hijack" Burkowitz served in Vietnam with Frank. He's a nice guy and a great source of fun stories. He also done did gots his arm bit by a hobo. Oops. Maybe bringing him to the hospital wasn't such a great idea..

Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas. Blood Type: X

THIS BIO IS NOT CRISCHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN! Neither is this fat hypocrite fuck. Good thing she's dead. Bad thing she's still walking.

Birthplace: Birmingham, Alabama. Blood Type: X

Trevor McCain is Lizzie's fiancé- or used to be, at least- until he and his closest friend packed up and left at the first sign of real trouble, leaving Lizzie for dead. The act of abandonment hasn't settled easy on Trevor's shoulders, though, as his thoughts keep turning back to what he's leaving behind.

Birthplace: Little Creek, Delaware. Blood Type: AB


Rick is Trevor's best buddy. He sees Lizzie as dead weight with tits and, in light of circumstances, pushes upon Trevor his views that she will just slow them down and get them all killed. This isn't exactly an easy task for Rick, though, as he's finding himself fighting with Trevor's conscience.

Birthplace: Huntington, Massachusetts. Blood Type: O

This is Mr. Cuddles. He's a kitty! Meow! He also misses his Mommy. :(

Birthplace: Under a Porch. Blood Type: Adorable

"Sloppy" Joey Basso is one of Monday's former working-peers. A greedy, short-sighted triggerman, Joey's inability to factor in important little details is not good for his health. He smokes a shitty brand of cigarettes.

Birthplace: Hoboken, New Jersey. Blood Type: O

Old man Peterson always seemed like a good neighbor. He always did what he could to lend a helping hand and earn the trust of the folks next door. Most people would assume this was a product of being good-natured and friendly, but when law and order crumble to pieces, a darker truth comes forward..

Birthplace: Casco, Maine. Blood Type: A

A diligent student and an energetic track-runner, Sally Weissman was a model young girl, sweet as could be. She never could have imagined the fate waiting for her and her unwittingly-misplaced trust in the kind old man next door...

Birthplace: Mission Viejo, California. Blood Type: O

The Weissmans want to get out of town. Quickly. In their haste, their daughter managed to find herself outside, caught up in a crowded street.
Domingos Santos is something of a venture capitalist. An eye for talent, as he puts it, is how he earns his bread. The right people with the right skills can be valuable assets , if you feed them a little working capital. Among his portfolio of clients is a small stable of bloodsport contestants.
Ms. Charlotte Dennis is Mr. Santos' assistant. She always has a clipboard with her.
Lizzie's sense of flight is an adorable reflection of her younger years, with a lisp she never remembered having herself. Fwite, as she calls herself, has been helping Lizzie keep herself afloat her entire life, her host's pacifism meaning she worked primarily by herself that entire time.
Lizzie's scar-faced, one-eyed, cockney-talking, armor-plated inner badass goes by the name Foite. Parents, teachers, and a lifetime of social suppression has left her locked away from her sword, keeping her from helping her sister keep their host alive. In her darkest hour, though, Foite decides she's been locked away for long enough, and the chains of pacifism binding her need to go. By force.

Alice worked as a nurse in the hospital Jack was delivered to, and was all ready to punch out and go home when the cops rolled up outside. She tries to wear a smile and lighten the mood by her patients' bedsides, but death is something she has a hard time dealing with.

Birthplace: Albany, New York. Blood Type: AB

Officer Trenton Bradley watched as his fellow officers fled the scene of what was initially described as a riot in the local hospital, leaving him behind to do what he could to help those in need. Keen eyes spotted Alice's second-floor struggle, spurring Trent to brave the shambling hordes in order to save the stranded young woman, ultimately paying the highest of prices for his act of heroism.

Protect and serve: good words to die by. What are yours?

Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut. Blood Type: O

Crude, gassy and loud, Lou the Plumber is hardly one for social grace. Beneath his repulsive and fart-laden exterior, however, lies a wealth of information. Lou is an amateur history buff , a big fan of Roman architecture and an adept handyman. He swings a mean wrench, too.

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York. Blood Type: O

This asshole.